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I specialize in Full-stack Web Development, focusing on both frontend and backend aspects to create complex and scalable web applications. Through my extensive experience, I have honed my skills in crafting robust and efficient solutions that meet the demands of modern digital environments. You can explore my insights and expertise in web development through my dedicated my blog, where I share valuable experiences and industry knowledge. Are you looking to elevate your project to the next level? Let's collaborate and explore how I can contribute to your success. Take a glimpse into my project portfolio and browse through my online resume to discover more about my capabilities and how I can add value to your endeavors.
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What I do

With a career spanning since 2013, I've honed my expertise as a Full-stack Web Developer, specializing in both frontend and backend development for intricate and scalable web applications. Over the years, I've had the privilege of crafting solutions for clients worldwide, showcasing my commitment to delivering top-notch results. Curious about my technical skills and the technologies I leverage? Dive deeper into my online resume and project portfolio for a comprehensive view of my experience and capabilities.


JavaScript stands out as the most popular language for full-stack app development, capable of seamless execution on both server and client sides. I leverage JavaScript stacks extensively across multiple projects, showcasing its versatility and efficiency in modern web development.


I have extensive experience with Node.js, using it for backend development, including building APIs and server-side applications. I also leverage Node.js for frontend tooling, such as task automation and package management, ensuring a smooth development process across the stack.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

I have a strong foundation in HTML and CSS, which are fundamental for web development. Additionally, I am experienced with Bootstrap, a CSS framework that facilitates the creation of modern, responsive websites with mobile-first user interfaces. I am also open to working with other CSS frameworks to enhance web development projects.

Database Engine

Database and storage play a pivotal role in application development, with optimization and efficient SQL programming being crucial aspects. I possess extensive experience in database programming, including optimization techniques and proficient SQL language programming.


I am experienced in PHP, a powerful server-side scripting language for backend APIs and Full-stack web development. With expertise in CodeIgniter and Slim frameworks, I have strong object-oriented programming (OOP) fundamentals. I'm also open to working with other PHP frameworks to meet project needs.


Java: A powerful object-oriented programming language capable of running on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM), regardless of the underlying computer architecture. I have hands-on experience with Java SE for desktop applications and am open to leveraging Java for web development, including frameworks like Spring Boot.

Mobile Android

I also have experience in Android mobile development, utilizing Android SDK, Android Studio IDE, and integrating Google APIs. I am adept at app communication with web services, leveraging REST API or XML-RPC for efficient data exchange.

Web & Custom CMS

I have experience building websites using popular CMS like WordPress, custom CMS solutions, and static site generators such as the Hugo Framework. With a deep understanding of various web development platforms, I can create dynamic and scalable web solutions tailored to your needs.

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