Hermawan Ramadhan

Full-stack Developer
I'm a Full-stack Web Developer specialised in frontend and backend development for complex scalable web apps.
I write my development experience on my blog.
Want to know how I may help your project? Check out my project portfolio and online resume.

What I do

I have working as web developer since 2013. experience building application for clients all over the world. Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and technologies I use. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online resume and project portfolio.


PHP is powerful server-side scripting language for backend or Full-stack web developer. I am experience creating website or backend API using PHP. Familiar with MVC and OOP pattern framework

JavaScript, AJAX, Jquery

JavaScript is Cliend-side scripting. useful for Front-end website development. it running on browser. using AJAX for interactive client-server communication

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

HTML and CSS is basic for web development. Bootstrap is CSS Framework to help development modern website. It will make responsive website. and mobile-first UI


Server-side JavaScript modern web development. It's powerful to create backend API development. Can be use Express.js or Hapi.js


Java is a object-oriented programming language designed for having lesser implementation dependencies. Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of the underlying computer architecture

Mobile Android

Android mobile development. using Android SDK, Android Studio IDE, Google API. Communication with webs service using REST API or XML-RPC


Experienced with Database Programming. Optimization database, SQL Language programming. familiar with MySQL/MariaDB, MsSQL, Oracle, SQLite.

Web & Custom CMS

Build website with Popular CMS like WordPress or can also build Custom CMS. or Statis site generator with Hugo Framework.

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