Hermawan Ramadhan

Full-stack Developer


Hi, my name is Hermawan Ramadhan and I'm a Professional Full-Stack Web Developer. IT technology enthusiast. I love programming and some technical computer since I was at school. I have experienced creating website applications since 2013. Specialized in creating Custom Web Application, Management Information System, Enterprise application Solution, Government Information Systems, Website Development with Custom CMS also Website Development with popular CMS like WordPress or using Static Site Generator like Hugo Framework. I'm a strong problem solver and love the challenge so don't hesitate to hire me in your project.

Work Experiences

Full-stack Web Application Developement

PT Sharing Vision Indonesia | 2022 - Present

I am currently employed at PT Sharing Vision Indonesia but am placed to work with the client PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia in the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Division.

  • Anti Money Laundering Application
  • Currency Transaction Report (CTR) Application
  • International funds transfer instruction (IFTI) Reports Application
  • Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) Application
  • Risk Based Approach (RBA) Application
  • Financial Information Services System (SLIK)
  • Indonesia’s National Blacklist Information System (SIDHN)
  • Cash Flow Generator
  • External Dashboard Application
  • Core Tax Backend API
  • etc..

Full-stack Web Application Developement

Talgø MøreTre AS | 2017 - Present

Talgø MøreTre AS is a company from Norway. Supplier of building materials. Woodwork wholesaler company. I am work here (as Remote worker) to help them develop some custom web application & tools application to complement their ERP system.

  • Timetracking web application
  • Stocktaking management web application
  • Project tool management web application
  • Project schedule management
  • Online pricelist website
  • Automatic scheduled report
  • Deadline project notifier
  • Live report and chart Application
  • Live report Application
  • Absence Calendar web application
  • Booking management web application
  • Stock Inventory management
  • etc..

Full-stack Web Application Developement

Diginiq Asia | 2016 - 2018

Diginiq Asia is a Technology development services company from Japan. They build website, software and mobile application for their client. I am here work as backend Developer.

  • Creating REST API for web / mobile apps
  • Website with complex custom CMS
  • Event Management website
  • Booking Management website
  • Rental Management website
  • Payment Gateway API implementation
  • etc..

Full-stack Web Application Developement

Bantul Government | 2013 - 2017

I've worked on Bantul Government as Freelancer (under CV) to create and maintenance some Web Application Developement project

  • Village Administration Management (Sistem Informasi Administrasi Desa)
  • Licensing Information Management (Sistem Informasi Management Perizinan)
  • Document archive Management (Sistem Informasi Kearsipan)
  • Development Planning Information System (Sistem Informasi Perencanaan Pembangunan)
  • Website with custom CMS
  • Creating web service for Desktop base app
  • SMS Gateway implementation
  • etc..

Open-source Projects

CodeIgniter 4 DataTables Library

Open Source | Github

Server-side Datatables library for CodeIgniter 4 PHP framework CodeIgniter4-DataTables is CodeIgniter 4 Library to handle server-side processing of DataTables jQuery Plugin via AJAX option by using Query Builder CodeIgniter 4.